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If you have any interest in exploring the world we live in and beyond, you're likely going to enjoy the wide variety of random location generators we have to offer you. Random location generators can be used for fun and frivolity, or for very serious purposes. Where in the world would you like to travel and which places in the US would you still like to visit? Further from home, there are the vast reaches of outer space, and close to your heart, you might be interested in getting some random college prospectuses to look through. The only question is where will you begin? The often-quoted "Start anywhere and take it from there," can be sound advice to get you started, but first, you have to decide where "anywhere" is so that you can turn it into "somewhere."

We Give you the "Somewhere"

There are plenty of ways to come up with random locations, but none of them is as easy as using our random location generators. For instance, you could get someone to blindfold you and then throw darts at a map. For those who like to live a little less dangerously, you could throw a bunch of place names into a hat and draw one or more out of it at random. While both those ways of finding random locations are viable, they're also a lot more time consuming than simply clicking a button and having a random result appear before your eyes.

Plan a Holiday

You probably have a set way you plan your holidays and in all likelihood, it's limited to what you already know. It may be time to go beyond your familiarity and find random places that you may have never before considered when planning a vacation. Explore countries that will amaze your friends. Choose a romantic honeymoon destination and then learn more about it. Discover a random National Park for an outdoorsy holiday. Plan a road-trip route from one random campground to the next. With a bit of help from the various random location generators, your holiday will be a whole lot more interesting than doing the same things you've always done in the past.

Explore the USA and the World in Your Chair

You don't have to get on an airplane and spend a lot of money to explore. You can begin to indulge in virtual holidays, the ones where you just sit down behind your computer and begin to learn interesting facts, see beautiful sights, and improve your knowledge of the world around you. Random location generators can be the perfect tool to use as your starting point. What's up in the Cayman Islands? What should you know about Nashville Tennessee? From Capitals to quiet corners, these random location generators will take you, your imagination, and your thirst for knowledge to new and interesting places.

Find the Perfect Setting for Your Novel

New York, London, and Paris: they've been done to death by other writers who came before you. How about challenging your writing skills by coming up with somewhere completely different? From cities to campgrounds to colleges, you'll have the opportunity to find absolutely random locations that can lead to new ideas that will help make your story more interesting to read and to write.

Create Interesting Projects for Kids

From school projects to holiday activities that keep your kids amused (and out of your hair), finding out about other cities, neighborhoods, and countries can keep an inquisitive child with a smartphone or computer busy for hours. Which place on which planet will they research? Find a location to grab their imagination with any of the random location generators and see where it takes them.

Random Locations - Random Inspirations

There are probably as many random reasons to want help finding random locations as we have random places in our generators. Whatever yours is, one of these generators likely has the random answers you're looking for. It has never been easier, so put away the maps and the blindfold, throw away the slips of paper, put your hat back on your head, and get started exploring in the easiest way possible.

If you enjoy any of these generators, please take a moment to let us know how you've been using them. Finding out how the generators are being utilized helps us make improvements to them when we do updates. We'd also be interested in hearing from you about any other location or travel-related generators you'd find useful that we can create.