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If you're a fan of microbreweries and brewpubs, and you're looking to find new ones, you've come to the correct webpage. We created the Random Brewery Generator with you in mind. This free online tool has all the registered breweries in the US in its database giving you the opportunity to discover new and interesting ones across the US. Using the tool is simple. Choose the number of random results you desire and then click the generate button. You'll instantly see an assortment of random breweries corresponding to your chosen number.

Even better, this tool gives you more than the brewery name. In addition, you'll get the address of the brewery, the type of brewery it is (i.e. microbrewery, brewpub, etc), in which state it's located, the number of other breweries in that state and the website URL if known. This additional information should make it much easier to research the breweries that catch your attention. All this information creates a number of different ways the tool can be used.


If you're a beer fan, just randomly generating a variety of results should give you a nice assortment that you should find a few you want to explore more deeply. It's a fun and interesting way to learn about the different microbreweries and brewpubs that are out there that you may want to visit someday, or if nothing else, try some of the beer they create. If you spend even a short time using this tool, you are bound to discover a number of breweries that you never knew existed.

Beer Tasting Party

If you and your friends like to have beer tasting parties from time to time, this can be an excellent way to pick the beers. Simply generate a number of random breweries and find out the signature beer from each one. Use these results to supply your next beer tasting party. Since all the beers were picked by random, you're sure to taste some you would have never before considered. If you're lucky, you may even find a new favorite beer.

Brewery Travel

If you enjoy visiting brewpubs and microbreweries during your travels, why not plan a vacation around doing nothing but that? Generate a random brewery and plan a vacation to the state to visit it. Even better, plan a trip to visit all (or as many as possible) of the breweries in that state. Who wouldn't want to visit the 10 breweries in Hawaii?

The above are three possible ways you may use this free online brewery generator. We are quite curious to learn exactly how you use this tool. While we have an idea of how a generator will be used when we first create it, we've learned that in many instances, it gets used in far different ways than we ever anticipated. Knowing how the tool is actually being used is a great help to us so we can implement improvements in future updates, If you have any suggestions on how we can make this tool more useful, we'd love to hear your ideas.

Random List of Breweries

  1. Valley Brewing Co.
  2. Valley Brewing Co.
  3. Valley Brewing Co
  4. Ukiah Brewing Company
  5. Tustin Brewing Co.
  6. Trumer Brauerei
  7. Trumer Brauerei
  8. Triple Rock Brewing Co.
  9. Tied House Cafe & Brewery (San Jose)
  10. Tied House Cafe & Brewery (Mt. View)
  11. Thirsty Bear Brewing Co.
  12. Third Street Ale Works
  13. The Brewhouse
  14. The Beach Chalet
  15. Telegraph Brewing Company
  16. Taylor's Restaurant & Brewery
  17. Taps Fishouse & Brewery
  18. Tailgate Brewery, LLC
  19. Sudwerk Privatbrauerei Hübsch
  20. Sudwerk Brewery & Grill
  21. Stumptown Brewery
  22. Stone Brewing/World Bistro & Gardens
  23. Steelhead Brewing Co - Burlingame
  24. Steelhead Brewery & Cafe
  25. Stadium Brewing Company
  26. St. Stan's Brewing Co.
  27. Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
  28. Spanish Peaks Brewing Co.
  29. Sonoma Chicken & Brewery
  30. Solana Beach Brewery (Pizza Port)