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You managed to find our free online Random State Capital Generator. If you're looking for a list of state capitals with states (or a list of state capitals without the states), you can view them at the end of this article. The concept behind this tool is simple. It takes the 50 US state capitals and it allows you to generate one or more random capitals from this list. All you have to do is choose the number of random capitals you desire, click the button, and they will instantly appear before you.

There are various reasons why you might want to use a random US state capital generator. Here are a few of the more common reasons:

School Tests: At some point during school, you're likely going to have to learn the capital cities of all the states in the US. This free generator can help you as you learn these, and it can be especially useful when you don't have a study partner to help you. It's also a good replacement for flash cards. You can use this random state capital generator to help study the corresponding states and our random US state generator to help study the state capitals.

Vacations: If you're looking to travel to a new destination city, this generator can be a great way to choose what capital city you can explore and learn more about next. Since it's random, it can also lead you to consider visiting cities you would have never thought about on your own accord. This randomness can make planning and finding out about the city more exciting.

Trivia Games: If you are playing a trivia game (or any game where state capitals can be used for that matter), you can use this tool to make sure the capitals being picked are random. It's also a fun way to test your knowledge of information about the different state capitals.

While the above examples show a few ways that the random state capital generator can be used, it's not a comprehensive list of ways to use it. If you use this generator in a way different than those mentioned in this article, we'd love to have you contact us and share. By learning the different ways the tool is being used helps us to make needed additions and make it a better experience for all who use it. We are also open to any ideas and suggestions you have to improve any of our generators.

Random List of 50 Capitals without States (this list changes to a new random order each time the page is refreshed)

  1. Albany
  2. Annapolis
  3. Atlanta
  4. Augusta
  5. Austin
  6. Baton Rouge
  7. Bismarck
  8. Boise
  9. Boston
  10. Carson City
  11. Charleston
  12. Cheyenne
  13. Columbia
  14. Columbus
  15. Concord
  16. Denver
  17. Des Moines
  18. Dover
  19. Frankfort
  20. Harrisburg
  21. Hartford
  22. Helena
  23. Honolulu
  24. Indianapolis
  25. Jackson
  26. Jefferson City
  27. Juneau
  28. Lansing
  29. Lincoln
  30. Little Rock
  31. Madison
  32. Montgomery
  33. Montpelier
  34. Nashville
  35. Oklahoma City
  36. Olympia
  37. Phoenix
  38. Pierre
  39. Providence
  40. Raleigh
  41. Richmond
  42. Sacramento
  43. Salem
  44. Salt Lake City
  45. Santa Fe
  46. Springfield
  47. St. Paul
  48. Tallahassee
  49. Topeka
  50. Trenton