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If arrived at this webpage because you had an interest in finding random area codes, you're in exactly the correct place. The Random Area Code Generator was created for the sole purpose of spitting out random area codes when requested. Getting them is a straightforward process. Indicate the number of area codes you'd like to see and then hit the generate button. A random list of area codes will instantly appear before your eyes.

You might wonder why anyone would ever need to use an area code generator. Although you may not at first believe it, there are actually some decent reasons someone may be interested in a free online tool like this. Below are a few of the reasons people use this generator.

Sales Calls

If you happen to be cold calling for your business, it can sometimes be difficult to get motivated to begin making the calls. By generating a random area code, this can give you a starting point on your list. Sometimes the most difficult call is the first one and this tool can get the ball rolling.


It may sound a bit strange to some, but there's a rather large group of people who enjoy memorizing the city and states where each area code is located. For those superfans, this is a great way to test their area code knowledge and get better at knowing where all the area codes in the US are located. You can do it on your own or with friends.


Yes, you can use this area code picker to decide where you're going to take your next vacation. Since area code regions usually encompass larger areas that a single city, but smaller areas than an entire state, they give a different area of travel than by picking random cities or random states,/a> when making travel plans.

Text Message Game

If you're looking for a fun and interesting game to play with friends, you can use this tool to play a text message game. Generate a few random area codes. Each player uses their own cell number, replacing their area code with the randomly generated ones. The goal is to send a text message to people who have your exact number with a different area code and see if you can get any of them to respond to your text. The first person who does wins the game.

Do you use this tool on a regular basis? If you do, we want to hear from you. We create our generators with the idea of how we would use them, but we know from experience this is not how they always get used. Understanding how they're being used by others helps us to add improvements to the tools we may not have seen were needed. If you know of ways we can improve this random area code generator, please take a few moments to let us know so we can add your suggestions to our next update.

Random list of area codes

  1. 201
  2. 202
  3. 203
  4. 205
  5. 206
  6. 207
  7. 208
  8. 209
  9. 210
  10. 212
  11. 213
  12. 214
  13. 215
  14. 216
  15. 217
  16. 218
  17. 219
  18. 224
  19. 225
  20. 227
  21. 228
  22. 229
  23. 231
  24. 234
  25. 239
  26. 240
  27. 248
  28. 251
  29. 252
  30. 253