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Welcome. You have managed to stumble upon the free online Random Vegetable generator. This fun little tool will allow you to generate however many random vegetables your heart desires. The process is simple. Indicate the number of vegetables you'd like to discover and click on the "generate" button. While this may seem like an odd topic to generate randomly, below you'll find a few reasons why you may want to do this.

You Need A Fresh Start

Do you find yourself buying the same few vegetables again and again on every grocery trip? Use this random generator tool to provide yourself with a fresh list of vegetables to add to your shopping list. Once generated, you can research several recipes that use that vegetable to make sure you have all the ingredients you need to create a new dish. This is a wonderful way to get some variety into your kitchen!

Teach Your Kids

If you're a parent, it might be much to common to have your child complain about eating his/her veggies. A good way to combat this is to give them a chance to have some control over their vegetable choice. You can do this in many ways. One way is they use the random vegetable generator to pick a vegetable for the family and this is the one that gets cooked. Another option would be to generate several vegetable choices and then they get to pick the vegetable from those they would like for dinner. You can expand on this and have them help you look up a recipe to use for that vegetable as well. If you're still having trouble getting those vegetables down, maybe use the random vegetable generator tool to help come up with a new vegetable to blend and hide in their dinner.

Time to Plant

Are you planning to have a garden this year? This tool could certainly be useful for generating some vegetable ideas for the garden. Part of the fun of planning a garden is learning about the different requirements needed for the plants. Try adding a few new vegetables this year and see how they grow.

Learning Without a Garden

What if you don’t have a garden? You can still use this tool to learn about the different vegetables that are out there. Research from where the vegetable originates, and what care is required to grow it. Also, don’t forget to look up those nutrition facts -- vegetables are known for their nutrients. You might even decide to add one to your smoothie.

A Little Competitive Fun

Adding a little competition to the dinner table is always fun. Have a significant other, friend or family member randomly generate a vegetable and then have a cook-off to see who has the best new recipe using that vegetable ingredient. This is a great way to find new favorite sides for dinner or for the next potluck dinner where you have to provide the vegetable side dish.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways the random vegetable generator can be used, We hope you find the above ideas useful and interesting, but realize they are a beginning point to get your creative (vegetable) juices flowing. If you use this tool in a different way than above, we'd love to hear how you do use it. Learning the different ways our tools get used helps us to make them better and beneficial to all. Please feel free to share any suggestions on how we can improve the random vegetable generator.

Random list of vegetables

  1. Artichoke
  2. Aubergine (Eggplant)
  3. Amrud
  4. Asparagus
  5. Legumes
  6. Alfalfa Sprouts
  7. Azuki Beans (or Adzuki)
  8. Bean Sprouts
  9. Black Beans
  10. Black-Eyed Peas
  11. Borlotti Bean
  12. Broad Beans
  13. Chickpeas, Garbanzos, or Ceci Beans
  14. Green Beans
  15. Kidney Beans
  16. Lentils
  17. Lima Beans or Butter Bean
  18. Mung Beans
  19. Navy Beans
  20. Pinto Beans
  21. Runner Beans
  22. Split Peas
  23. Soy Beans
  24. Peas
  25. Mangetout or Snap Peas
  26. Broccoflower (Hybrid)
  27. Broccoli (Calabrese)
  28. Brussels Sprouts
  29. Cabbage
  30. Kohlrabi
  31. Cauliflower
  32. Celery
  33. Endive
  34. Fiddleheads
  35. Frisee
  36. Fennel
  37. Greens
  38. Beet Greens (Chard)
  39. Bok Choy
  40. Chard (Beet Greens)
  41. Collard Greens
  42. Kale
  43. Mustard Greens
  44. Spinach
  45. Quinoa
  46. Herbs And Spices
  47. Anise
  48. Basil
  49. Caraway
  50. Cilantro (Coriander)