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You likely made your way here because you're interested in the growing number of marijuana varieties available. That's one of the reasons we created the Random Marijuana Generator. Using this tool is quite easy. All you need to do is decide how many results you'd like to see and then click on the button to generate the random results. Once done, they'll immediately appear.

Some may wonder why anyone would be interested in finding different marijuana strains. The simple answer is that marijuana is quickly becoming like beer and wine when it comes to interest people have about the different varieties available. This free marijuana tool can help those who have an interest in legal weed. The tools will give you not only the strain of marijuana, but also the type, rating, its effects, and its flavors. Below you can find a few ways that people who visit this site use this legal pot tool.

Finding New Varieties

One of the best ways to use this free online tool is to find new weed variants that you may enjoy. Whether you're looking for the effects that the weed will produce or the flavors that come with it, you'll get that information each time you generate random results. This will allow you to skim through the results to find weed varieties that are of interest and which you may want to try in the future. Since the results are all random, you'll also likely find new strains you've never heard of before. Or you can go full "I'm Feeling Lucky" and generate a single result and try that as your next purchase.

Expand Your Weed Knowledge

While you likely know a decent amount about marijuana and the different strains out there, you likely aren't familiar with the over 2000 that we have in the generator's database. For anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the topic, the free weed generator is an excellent way to go about it. You can take notes as you generate hundreds of random results and then test the knowledge you've gained as you go back through.

Become an Expert

Just as there are wine and microbrew experts, marijuana experts are going to become a growing field. The more you know about the different pot strains that exist, the better you'll be at discussing the topic with others. Whether you ultimately want to be a blogger, make Youtube videos or take the inevitable weed expert testing that will eventually materialize, using this tool can be a great way to help you along the way to becoming an expert in the field.

Weed Tasting

If you want to do something fun with friends, why not have a random weed tasting party? Just like a wine tasting or beer tasting party, you can generate a specific number of random results and buy those strains for the party. Since nobody will know the results, you're likely going to try some varieties that you would have never tried picking them out yourself. This may ultimately result in you finding a variety of marijuana that you enjoy that you would have never otherwise found.

Thank you for stopping by and using the random weed generator. We are quite curious if you happen to use this tool in a way not mentioned above. We have a general idea of how people will use our generators when we create them, but there are times when they end up being used in ways that we never anticipated. It's helpful if we learn exactly how people are using the generator so we can make helpful improvements. If you have ideas on how we can make this generator more useful to you, please let us know.

Random List of Marijuana (The list order will change with every page refresh)

  1. 100-Og
  2. 98-White-Widow
  3. 1024
  4. 13-Dawgs
  5. 24K-Gold
  6. 3-Bears-Og
  7. 3-Kings
  8. 303-Og
  9. 3D-Cbd
  10. 3X-Crazy
  11. 3Rd-Coast-Panama-Chunk
  12. 501St-Og
  13. 5Th-Element
  14. 707-Headband
  15. 8-Ball-Kush
  16. 818-Og
  17. 831-Og
  18. 9-Pound-Hammer
  19. 91-Krypt
  20. A-10
  21. A-Dub
  22. A-Train
  23. Acdc
  24. Ak-47
  25. Ak-48
  26. Aberdeen
  27. Abusive-Og
  28. Acapulco-Gold
  29. Ace-Killer-Og
  30. Ace-Of-Spades