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There's something intriguing and interesting about all the different phobias that exist in the world. While the phobias people have themselves are no laughing matter, it's amazing to many that people could have a genuine fear of common things that most of us don't think twice about. If you have any curiosity about phobias, you'll likely have an interest in the Random Phobia Generator. The good news is that you don't need to have a phobia when using this free online tool. Basically, you have to perform two simple steps - choosing how many phobias you want to see generated and clicking the button. You'll then be presented with a random list of phobias you can look at. For anyone who came in search of a list of random phobias, you can find that list at the end of this article.

Why would anyone be interested in a generator that lists random phobias? It may not be readily apparent to everyone, but there are good reasons that people find the random phobia list generator beneficial. You may have a specific reason for coming to this webpage and using it, but we'll explain some of the more common ways the tool is used so you can get an idea of ways to incorporate the tool into your specific use.


One of the main reasons people use this tool is because they're curious about the different types of phobias that exist. As previously mentioned, there's a general interest in all the different types of phobias that exist since many of these fears are difficult to comprehend to those that don't have that specific fear. The random phobia generator allows those who are curious to see and be introduced to the wide variety of the different phobias that exist.


While most people are familiar with the common fears many people have, they're not aware of the less common fears people have. With multiple hundreds of different phobias in the database of this phobia tool, anyone wanting to learn more about the different fears people have can do so. Since you get to determine the number of results that are shown with every click, you can digest this information in a way that's easiest and most convenient for the way you learn.

Friendly Game

If you have a group of two or more friends, this generator can be a great way to pass the time as a sort of game. One person creates random results and reads out the name of the phobia. The others present have to make a guess at what fear they believe that phobia represents. You can score the game by having a correct answer counting as a point with the first person to 5 or 10 points the winner. It's a fun game because while some of the fears can be deducted by the name of the phobia, many are quite difficult to guess.

Those are a few of the more common ways we see this tool being used by the people who come to this page. If you use the Random Phobia Generator in a different way, we'd be quite interested in hearing from you. When we learn about unusual ways our tools are being used that we hadn't anticipated, we can use this knowledge to help improve the generator or add options that make it more beneficial. Please feel free to share any suggestions that you believe would make this tool easier for you to use.

List of Random Phobias (Each page refresh will produce a new random list of phobias)

  1. Ablutophobia
  2. Acarophobia
  3. Acerophobia
  4. Achluophobia
  5. Acousticophobia
  6. Acrophobia
  7. Aerophobia
  8. Aeroacrophobia
  9. Aeronausiphobia
  10. Agateophobia
  11. Agoraphobia
  12. Agraphobia
  13. Agyrophobia
  14. Aichmophobia
  15. Ailurophobia
  16. Albuminurophobia
  17. Alektorophobia
  18. Algophobia
  19. Alliumphobia
  20. Allodoxaphobia
  21. Altophobia
  22. Amathophobia
  23. Amaxophobia
  24. Ambulophobia
  25. Amnesiphobia
  26. Amychophobia
  27. Anablephobia
  28. Ancraophobia
  29. Androphobia
  30. Anemophobia