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For those in search of random drinks and random cocktails, you've arrived exactly where you should be. We created the Random Drink Generator for those looking for a variety of random cocktails. Using this free online tool takes almost no effort at all. All that needs to be done is to choose how many random results are desired, then click the button. A random assortment of cocktail drinks will instantly appear.

The free generator will give more information than merely the name of the drink. It'll also list the type of glass the cocktail should be served in if required, the main type of alcohol in the drink, any other alcohol, the type and amounts of mixes, and if there's a specific garnish. Due to the different information given for each drink, there are a number of different ways this tool can be used.

Practice Making Drinks and Cocktails

If you're an aspiring bartender or just like to make a variety of drinks for your friends, this tool can be the perfect way for you to practice your cocktail making skills. All you need to do is generate a random cocktail and then try to correctly pour it. Once done, you can check the ingredients to verify whether or not you made it correctly. Since you have no idea what cocktail will appear, it's a great way to test your drink-making knowledge.

Trying Something New

If you're in the mood to try a new cocktail and you're being a little adventurous, let the random cocktail generator do it for you. While you'll likely not like every drink you get through this method, you might also find some that become your favorites which you may not have otherwise ever found.

Expand Your Drink Knowledge

This tool is a wonderful way to expand your cocktail and drink knowledge. You can click through the thousands of drinks in the database and note the ones you'd like to try sometime. The next time you're out on the town with friends, you can request the bartender to make one of these drinks for you. Again, this is a great way to find new favorites.

Drink Tasting

A great way to spend an evening is to do a cocktail tasting with your friends. To make it more exciting, don't announce the drink tasting lineup until all the guests have arrived. Then choose a number of random drinks and have those be the night's tasting menu. It'll make the evening much less predictable and most of the guests are likely to get the chance to taste at least one cocktail they have never tried.

Have you found this random drink generator to be useful? If so, we'd love to hear about it. We try to anticipate how the tools we create will be used so they are useful, but we know from experience that they will at times be used in ways we never considered. Knowing all the different ways this cocktail generator is being used can help us make improvements to it when we do updates. If you have suggestions on how we can make this tool better, we'd appreciate hearing from you.

Random List of Drinks

  1. Highball Type
  2. Highball
  3. Scotch and Soda
  4. 7 & 7
  5. Whiskey and Water
  6. Rum and Coke
  7. Cuba Libre
  8. Gin and Tonic
  9. Presbyterian
  10. Gin Rickey
  11. Old Fashioned
  12. Juice Type
  13. Bloody Mary
  14. Bloody Maria
  15. Greyhound
  16. Salty Dog
  17. Screwdriver
  18. Harvey Wallbanger
  19. Tequila Sunrise
  20. Cape Cod
  21. Sea Breeze
  22. Bay Breeze
  23. Madras
  24. Sex On The Beach
  25. Slow Screw
  26. Slow Comfortable Screw
  27. Bocci Ball
  28. Melon Ball
  29. Fuzzy Navel
  30. Screaming Fuzzy Navel/Hairy Navel