Diseases, bones, phobias and more



Science can be fun and that's exactly the goal of our different science generators. Our random generators take you through a crazy, fun, and totally random journey, no matter which of the specific science-related generators you choose. Add a random element to your scientific exploration, and discover the things you'd never have thought of on your own. Below you'll find some of the science generators we have available for you to explore.

Calorie Counts

If you've ever had an interest in the number of calories in different foods, this is the generator for you? A lot of foods contain "empty" calories, and simple things like salad dressing might surprise you at the number of calories they have. On the flip side, you may come across some foods that have minimal calories that you had not before considered trying. Randomly generating the calorie counts of random foods will likely provide a few surprises.

Random Diseases

Be careful before you decide to go down this rabbit hole. If you do decide to explore, be ready to discover a shocking number of diseases that exist. Why would you want to do such a thing? Well, one obvious reason is that you're a fiction writer. As every good writer knows, your poor protagonist must go through all kinds of suffering before reaching a happy ending. But you're a writer, not a doctor. What malady should your hero or his loved ones suffer from?

Random Bones

How well do you know your own skeletal system? You use it every day, but it's not something you'd ordinarily think about. Gain a deeper knowledge (and appreciation) for the bones in your body with the help of this generator. Whether you're a student studying the skeletal system for a test or just curious about the different bones in the body, there's nothing like improving your general knowledge - you never know when being familiar with your tibia (or your metatarsals, or any other bones in your body) might come in handy.

Marijuana Strains

Whether you occasionally use marijuana, use it often, or never use it, there's a whole, arcane language surrounding this controversial plant. Avoid being left in the dark by exploring the numerous different strains of cannabis. Why do people use certain strains? What are their names? A few random results will help you to familiarize yourself with the plant that everyone seems to be talking about these days.

Periodic Table

Have you heard of the random element? Now you can really get a random element with the random periodic table generator. From Helium to Nobelium, you'll get to know the natural and artificial elements that are the building blocks of all matter. You might be in for some surprises, too. There's a lot more to the periodic table than most of us are exposed to at school or even college.


Everyone has irrational dislikes and even irrational fears. Most of us get an unpleasant chill when we see snakes, even harmless ones, and spiders, though small, will turn many of us into quivering wrecks. But did you know that some people are afraid of salad? Discover the weird and wonderful world of fears and phobias. Be nice. It's not funny!

Random Planets

Sure, you know that Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Earth exist. But do you know their size, their day length, and surface gravity? Learn random science facts about the solar system. Improve your knowledge, or use the random generator to teach your kids the fun way. Mix it up! Write short stories about interplanetary exploration. The possibilities are as endless as space itself.

Random and Loving It

When you're not sure where to begin, begin with randomness. Do you have other science-related generators you'd like to see us create? We're always looking to add more to this topic and would love to hear your input. We look forward to hearing from you.