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You have stumbled upon the free Random National Hockey League Generator. This tool includes all 31 teams which are part of the National Hockey League (NHL). If you happened upon this tool searching for a random National Hockey League team list, it's available at the bottom of this page.

This generator uses the complete list of NHL teams so it's not for those who are looking for a random team from a particular set of teams. For those interested in that, you can use the List Randomizer. This tool allows you to input a specific set of teams and then generate a random one from that list. If you're interested in generating a random NHL team from only the Colorado Avalanche, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings, and Edmonton Oilers, the List Randomizer would be the tool to use.

When looking for a random team from the entire roster of NHL teams, the random NHL team generator is exactly what you need. Any of the 31 teams can be randomly chosen, so the only decision that needs to be made is how many teams you want to be generated with each click. Once this number is indicated, clicking the button will have that number of teams appear. There are a number of ways that people use this free online NHL tool.

Fantasy Hockey League: This can be a beneficial tool for anyone who wants to complete their fantasy hockey team. A simple way to help choose players for a fantasy hockey team is to generate a random NHL team, and then choose a player from that team. By having to choose from a specific team, you narrow the focus on who to choose and make the choosing process a bit more random. By becoming creative and using the random NHL hockey generator, there are a variety of ways it can be incorporated into filling out team rosters.

Choosing Opponents: If you're playing computer or video hockey, there may be instances when you need to choose a team to play against. Instead of doing this yourself, you can do so randomly through this generator. This can make the matchup a bit more exciting since you have no idea who your opponent will be in advance.

Assigned Teams: There can be circumstances when you need to assign an NHL team to a specific individual for an event or game. To eliminate the look of favoritism, a good tactic is to assign the hockey teams randomly. The random NHL team generator is the perfect way to accomplish this and make sure the assignments are fair and transparent.

These aren't the only uses for this NHL generator, but they give a few examples of how it can be used. If you find you're using the tool in a different way, please consider taking the time to contact us and let us know how. It's of great benefit for us to understand how this free tool is being used so we can adjust and improve it. We are always open to new suggestions we can add to make it better.

Random NHL Teams List

There are a total of 31 teams in the NHL. The NHL team list below will appear in random order with each refresh of this page.

  1. Devils
  2. Islanders
  3. Rangers
  4. Flyers
  5. Penguins
  6. Bruins
  7. Sabres
  8. Canadiens
  9. Senators
  10. Maple Leafs
  11. Hurricanes
  12. Panthers
  13. Lightning
  14. Capitals
  15. Jets
  16. Blackhawks
  17. Blue Jackets
  18. Red Wings
  19. Predators
  20. Blues
  21. Flames
  22. Avalanche
  23. Oilers
  24. Wild
  25. Canucks
  26. Ducks
  27. Stars
  28. Kings
  29. Coyotes
  30. Sharks