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Chances are the reason you have arrived at this webpage is you're looking to find different money currencies. That's exactly what this tool was created to do. It'll produce the number of random currencies you request with a simple click of the "generate" button. With hundreds of different world currencies listed in the generator, it's bound to produce unexpected random results for whatever project you're pursuing.

Why would anyone ever need to use a Random Money Generator? There are a number of reasons. Basically, if you are doing any type of research with currencies, there's likely an opportunity for which the Random Currency Generator could be beneficial for your work. Here are a few ways that this free online tool can be used.


If you're a teacher, there are few subjects that provide more interest to students than money. Once you say "money" you will instantly grab their attention and you can use this to your advantage. If you want them to learn more about a country, a great way to do this is to first introduce them to the money of that country. By taking your class list and assigning a random currency to each of the students, you might be surprised to find how much the students learn about it beyond the money the country uses.

Currency Exchanges

If you happen to be studying how currency exchange rates work, using this tool can be a good way to make sure you understand the concept and how it works. By generating a random currency and researching the exchange rate it has had over the last 10 years with the US dollar, you can see how different currencies have held up and fluctuated compared to the US dollar. This can also be an excellent way to teach a number of math concepts in a way that doesn't seem like math.

Different Money

We are all used to what the money of the country where we live looks like, but money from other nations can look a lot different than ours. Simply finding out what other money looks like can be a fun learning experience and adventure. Generating random currencies will make it so you see money from countries that you likely wouldn't have ever considered researching on your own.

If you use this generator on a regular basis for a specific reason, we'd enjoy learning exactly why you find this tool useful for your project. When we created these generators, we have an idea in our heads on how we think it's going to be used and we design it with those ideas in mind. We have found over time, however, that some of these tools get used in much different ways than we ever anticipated. By understanding how people use the tool, we can make an effort to update and expand them to be more helpful for everyone. Please take a moment to share with us this information along with any ideas and suggestions you have on how we could improve it.

Random list of currencies

  1. UAE Dirham
  2. Afghani
  3. Lek
  4. Armenian Dram
  5. Netherlands Antillian Guilder
  6. Kwanza
  7. Argentine Peso
  8. Australian Dollar
  9. Aruban Guilder
  10. Azerbaijanian Manat
  11. Convertible Marks
  12. Barbados Dollar
  13. Taka
  14. Bulgarian Lev
  15. Bahraini Dinar
  16. Burundi Franc
  17. Bermudian Dollar
  18. Brunei Dollar
  19. Boliviano Mvdol
  20. Brazilian Real
  21. Bahamian Dollar
  22. Pula
  23. Belarussian Ruble
  24. Belize Dollar
  25. Canadian Dollar
  26. Congolese Franc
  27. Swiss Franc
  28. Chilean Peso
  29. Yuan Renminbi
  30. Colombian Peso