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You've likely found your way to this page because you're interested in discovering different types of occupations that are out there. If so, you've stumbled across the perfect tool. The Random Job Generator came into being with the express purpose of helping people discover new and interesting occupations that exist that they may not have ever known about. The tool is quite simple to use. Decide on the number of results you'd like to see and then click the button. A random sample of job results will instantly appear.

If you've stumbled across this job generator without a specific goal in mind, you may wonder why anyone would need to use a free online tool like this. It can be useful in a number of ways depending on what you're ultimate goal is. Below you can find some of the more common ways this tool is utilized.

New Job

For those who don't like their current job but have no idea what they would like to do instead, this generator can be an excellent way to begin looking for new possible occupations. With the results being random, you're likely to be introduced to a number of occupations that you never before considered. If any of these seem to be of interest, you can jot a note down and begin to make a list. You can then use the list to explore further what each entails and whether any of them would be a good fit.


This online tool is also an excellent way to brainstorm new occupations. Sometimes seeing the jobs available in different fields can help you create a similar one in your current work environment. This may allow you to stay with your current company but move into a position that better suits you. If this isn't possible, it can help you better understand what exactly you want to find in your next work environment.

Student Assignments

If you're a teacher and student career day is approaching, using this tool can be a great way to get students to learn more about the different occupations that are out there. You can print out a list of random occupations and match them up with your student list to assign an occupation to each student in the class. The students can research what their assigned occupation involves and present to the class so that all the students can get a better understanding of what different jobs entail. Randomly assigning occupations is a good way to help the students explore work areas that they may have never done on their own.

We hope that you've found the random job generator useful. We're constantly intrigued as to how those who come to the site are using our generators. If you're using this tool in a way not listed above, please take a moment to send us an email to let us know exactly how you're using it. By understanding the different ways it's being utilized, we can gather more information to improve the tool when we make updates. Any suggestions or ideas that would make this generator better would be greatly appreciated.

Random List of Jobs (this list will change with every page refresh)

  1. Able Seamen
  2. Account Collector
  3. Accounting Specialist
  4. Adjustment Clerk
  5. Administrative Assistant
  6. Administrative Law Judge
  7. Administrative Service Manager
  8. Admiralty Lawyer
  9. Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teachers
  10. Advertising Account Executive
  11. Advertising Agency Coordinator
  12. Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineer
  13. Aerospace Engineering Technician
  14. Agricultural Crop Farm Manager
  15. Agricultural Engineer
  16. Agricultural Equipment Operator
  17. Agricultural Inspector
  18. Agricultural Product Sorter
  19. Agricultural Sciences Professor
  20. Agricultural Technician
  21. Air Crew Member
  22. Air Crew Officer
  23. Air Traffic Controller
  24. Aircraft Assembler
  25. Aircraft Body and Bonded Structure Repairer
  26. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor
  27. Aircraft Examiner
  28. Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer
  29. Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist
  30. Aircraft Mechanic