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Lord of the Rings Character Names

Are you looking for a random Lord of the Rings character name? Well, you've found the right place! This generator will produce the names of random Lord of the Rings characters each time you press the button. There are a whopping 757 characters from Lord of the Rings that we've included in our random Lord of the Rings character names generator. If you want multiple, no problem, just indicate as many random names as you want and they will appear instantly. Or, if you want a bigger list, check out the bottom of this article where we've listed 50 of the names.

So why did we create this random Lord of the Rings character names generator? It seems a bit silly doesn't it? Not at all! Here are a few reasons you might want to use this generator.

You're looking for fantasy names to use in your writing: The names from this generator can be very useful when trying to come up with character names for your writing. You can use these names outright or tweak them to make them your own. Or just use them for inspiration to create your own custom names.

You're looking to brush up on your Lord of the Rings trivia: While it's likely that you know a few of the more famous names on this list, you probably aren't familiar with the vast majority of them. As stated previously, there are more than 750 of them. This generator gives you the opportunity to learn some new Lord of the Rings names who you may have never heard before.

If you have come here to use this generator, how exactly are you using it? We'd love to learn the reasons and how exactly you use this tool as it will help us to improve it. We are also always open to suggestions on how we can make it more user-friendly and helpful to those who use it. Please take a moment to let us know!

The following is a random list of 50 of the names from the Lord of the Rings.

  1. Adanel
  2. Adrahil I
  3. Adrahil II
  4. Aegnor
  5. Aerin
  6. Aglahad
  7. Ailinel
  8. Aldamir
  9. Aldor
  10. Algund
  11. Almarian
  12. Almiel
  13. Alphros
  14. Amandil
  15. Amarië
  16. Amdír
  17. Amlaith
  18. Amras
  19. Amrod
  20. Amroth
  21. Amrothos
  22. Anairë
  23. Anardil
  24. Anborn
  25. Andreth
  26. Andróg
  27. Angamaitë
  28. Angbor
  29. Angelimir
  30. Angrod
  31. Annael
  32. Anárion
  33. Ar-Adûnakhôr
  34. Ar-Gimilzôr
  35. Ar-Pharazôn
  36. Ar-Sakalthôr
  37. Ar-Zimrathôn
  38. Arador
  39. Araglas
  40. Aragorn I
  41. Aragorn II Elessar
  42. Aragost
  43. Arahad I
  44. Arahad II
  45. Arahael
  46. Aranarth
  47. Arantar
  48. Aranuir
  49. Aranwë
  50. Araphant