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If you enjoy playing the game charades, you'll love the Random Charades Words Generator. It allows you to spend more time playing the game rather than trying to come up with charades words or charades ideas for the game. This tool is a free online charades generator which will allow you to play charades with your friends or family anytime you want wherever you may be. Even better, it's truly simple to operate. Pick how many results you'd like to see and then press the button. You have your charades words and you're ready to play. If you'd rather have a list of charades words, you can find that at the end of this page.

How Do You Play Charades?

One of the great joys of playing charades is the game rules are easy to understand, but the game itself can be quite a challenge. This inevitably leads to a lot of laughter and all-around fun for whoever is playing. Basically, charades is a game where you're attempting to guess a word or phrase. While one person attempts to act out the given phrase or word, the others watch the gestures and attempt to guess what it is. There is no speaking or sounds allowed, only gestures.

How Many People Can Play Charades?

Charades can be played with 2 or more people although three are needed for true competition. There are two basic ways to play charades. Single charades is where one person does the gesturing while all others try to guess the charades word with the first person guessing winning a point. Team charades is where all the players have broken into two or more teams and the teams compete against each other with a point awarded when a team is able to guess the word or phrase when their teammate is gesturing.

What are the Rules of Charades?

Charades' rules are fairly easy to understand. One person from a team is picked to be the first to gesture the word or phrase that has been generated by the random charades generator. The person begins to gesture without using any words of vocal noises and the teammates have 3 minutes to guess the phrase or word. If they guess correctly, the team gets a point. If not, no point is awarded. The other team or teams do the same. The team that has the most points after a designated number of rounds wins the game

Common Charades Gestures

There are a number of commonly used charades gestures that can make guessing the word or phrase easier by narrowing down what it could be.

Number of Words: Indicate the number of words by holding up that number of fingers.
Number of Syllables: Indicate the number of syllables in a word by holding up that number of fingers against your forearm.
Small Word: Indicate a small word by holding your index finger and thumb close to one another.
Big Word: Indicate a long word by holding your index finger and thumb far apart.
Sounds Like: Indicate a word sounds similar to another word by holding your hand behind your ear.
Plural Words: Indicate a plural word by hooking your little fingers together.

Learning these basic charades gestures can help your team immensely by making guessing the charades words easier. It's well worth your time to practice these before beginning a game if you're not familiar with them to give your team an advantage in the game.

List of Random Charades Words (with each page refresh you'll get a new list of charades words)

  1. dance
  2. skip
  3. jumping jack
  4. shark
  5. chicken
  6. alligator
  7. chair
  8. robot
  9. head
  10. smile
  11. baseball
  12. bird
  13. happy
  14. scissors
  15. cheek
  16. back
  17. jump
  18. drink
  19. ice cream cone
  20. car
  21. airplan
  22. clap
  23. circle
  24. pillow
  25. pinch
  26. kick
  27. dog
  28. basketball
  29. sleep
  30. camera