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If you managed to find this webpage, you're most likely a big fan of Halloween movies. That's great news if it's true. We put together the Random Halloween movie generator for those who love to watch Halloween movies. Using this free tool is straightforward. All you need to do is decide how many random movies you want to see, then click the button with your mouse. You'll instantly see that number of random Halloween movies appear.

Who would find a random Halloween movie generator beneficial? Basically anyone who enjoys watching Halloween movies. There are a number of ways this free online movie generator can be used, and we list a few of the more common ways in the paragraphs below. If you came to this webpage with the express purpose of finding a random list of Halloween movies, you can find that at the bottom of this page.

Choosing the Movie

There are times when you know you want to watch a Halloween movie, but it may be difficult to pick which one to watch. It could be that you and your friends all want to watch a different one, or maybe you're just tired and want to let someone else choose the movie for you. In any of these situations, using this random Halloween movie tool can be an excellent choice. Simply have the tool make the choice for you or your friends so you can get down to actually watching the Halloween movie.

Halloween Marathon

If you love Halloween movies, at some point you are going to want to create a Halloween movie marathon for you and your friends. Whether the marathon is over a weekend, during an entire week, or for every night during the month of October, finding a great assortment of Halloween movies will be essential. This generator can create random Halloween movie lists for the exact number of movies you'll need so you can spend more time watching the movies rather than trying to pick out which ones to watch.

New Discoveries

One of the greatest feelings is finding a new Halloween movie that you've never before seen. If you love finding new movies to watch, this random generator will be like a little slice of Halloween heaven. There are hundreds of Halloween movies in the generator's database and there are sure to be more than a few that you haven't yet seen. If you're looking for something new on a particular night, explore through the random listings until you find one you've never seen. Another option is to spend some time going through the random results and writing down all the Halloween movies you haven't seen so you have a list that you can use in the future. The more time you spend exploring the tool, the greater the number of Halloween movies you're likely to discover.

We have a huge favor to ask. If you find you're using this tool from time to time, could you send us a message letting us know the exact way that you're using it? By fully understanding how people use the tool it allows us a better opportunity to make improvements to it in future updates so it becomes more beneficial to all. We want our tools to be the best that they can be so we're always interested in ideas and suggestions on ways we can improve this Halloween generator.

List of Random Halloween Movies (Each page refresh will generate a new random list of movies)

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. Halloween
  3. the nightmare before christmas
  4. halloweentown
  5. trick 'r treat
  6. the addams family
  7. beetlejuice
  8. casper
  9. monster house
  10. when good ghouls go bad
  11. the haunting of hill house
  12. the crow
  13. it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown
  14. donnie darko
  15. sleepy hollow
  16. michael jackson: thriller
  17. e.t the extra-terrestrial
  18. the monster squad
  19. the halloween tree
  20. chilling adventures of sabrina
  21. halloween wars
  22. the midnight hour
  23. the worst witch
  24. the conjuring
  25. ghostbusters
  26. idle hands
  27. kiki's delivery service
  28. scary stories to tell in the dark
  29. house of 100 corpses
  30. the rocky horror picture show