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For some people it really doesn't matter what time of the year it is -- it's always a good time to watch a Christmas movie. If you happen to be one of those people, you're in luck. We created the Random Christmas Movie Generator with you specifically in mind. Best of all, it's simple to use. The first step is choosing the number of Christmas movies you want to be generated with each click and then click the button. You'll instantly see a list of random Chrismas movies.

The question as to why a random Christmas movie generator is needed sometimes gets brought up. While it may not be obvious at first to all, there are actually a number of great reasons this free tool can be used. Below you can find a few of the more popular reasons people use this generator. If you're specifically in search of a list of random Christmas movies, you can find one at the end of this article.

Pick a Movie

You know you want to watch a Christmas movie, but which one? With literally hundreds to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide exactly which movie to watch. At moments like this, utilizing the random Christmas movie generator is the perfect solution. Choose to have a single result displayed and click. You now have a Christmas movie to watch without having to decide for yourself.

A Month of Christmas

A stated above, there's never a bad time to watch a Christmas movie. When the mood strikes, you may want to have a weekend Christmas movie marathon. Or maybe you want to extend it to a full week. Even better, why not have a full month (any month is fine!) Christmas movie marathon? No matter what you ultimately decide, you're going to need a lot of movies to watch during the marathon session. Whether it's going to be three or thirty, this tool can instantly create your movie marathon watch list with a simple click.

Explore and Discover

As a Christmas movie lover, you'll likely get excited when you discover new Christmas movies that you haven't yet seen. Playing around with this generator should help you discover a lot of Christmas movies to add to your watch list. With hundreds of different Chrismas movies in the database, you're sure to find plenty that you haven't seen that you'll want to. You can explore through the random listings until you find one you haven't seen and watch it then and there, or you can spend some time and create a list of Christmas movies you haven't seen to watch in the future. The more you explore, the more hidden Christmas gems you're likely to discover.

Have you found this tool to be useful? If so, we'd love to hear from you exactly how you use it, especially if you use it in an unusual way. We usually have a pretty good idea of how our generators will be used when we create them, but sometimes we're quite surprised to learn they are used in ways we could have never anticipated. It's a great help knowing all the ways it's used so we can make beneficial updates. Feel free to send us a message on how we could improve this generator to make it more useful for you.

List of Random Christmas Movies (this movie list will change with every page refresh)

  1. the preacher's wife
  2. the christmas chronicles
  3. national lampoon's christmas vacation
  4. home alone
  5. love actually
  6. krampus
  7. a very harold & kumar christmas
  8. the night before
  9. scrooged
  10. the best man holiday
  11. black christmas
  12. frosty the snowman
  13. the ref
  14. mickey's christmas carol
  15. the muppet christmas carol
  16. the santa clause
  17. merry christmas
  18. happy christmas
  19. white christmas
  20. bad santa
  21. batman returns
  22. lethal weapon
  23. the man who invented christmas
  24. the bishop's wife
  25. gremlins
  26. elf
  27. christmas in connecticut
  28. a christmas carol
  29. a christmas tale
  30. kiss kiss, bang bang