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If you found your way to this webpage, chances are you are looking for a way to generate different languages. The Random Language Generator will do exactly that for you. All you need to do is pick the number of random languages you want to get displayed and then click the generate button. Once done, you will instantly see your desired number displayed in front of you.

The question that sometimes gets asked is why would anyone want to use a random language generator? There are actually a number of reasons people would use a free tool like this, and you can find some of the more common reasons below.


You're well familiar with your own language and likely all of the most commonly spoken languages around the world, but there are hundreds of other languages beyond these which may not be as familiar to you. Using the Random Language Generator can help introduce some of these other languages to you. It won't take long for you to discover that you know far fewer languages than you realized.


Maybe you have decided that you want to study another language, but you're looking for something beyond the mainstream languages most people study. A good way to introduce yourself to some possibilities to pursue is to use this free online tool. Even if you don't choose the exact languages that are randomly generated for you, those displayed may eventually lead you to the one you finally choose.

Learning Challenge

A fun challenge can be to learn a specific phrase or a set number of words in as many languages as you can. For example, maybe for Valentine's Day, you want to impress your significant other by telling them "I love you" in 100 different languages. By using this tool, you can randomly come up with those languages to successfully complete the challenge. Learning a few words in as many languages as you can often is a great way to fall in love with a number of different languages.


If you're a teacher or a student that needs to assign or do a paper on a non-English language, this generator can be a perfect tool. As a teacher, you can randomly assign languages to your students for a specific language assignment, and if you're a student, you can make your paper a challenge by doing whatever language is randomly assigned by the tool. Chances are it's not going to be a language that is widely known.

Whatever reason you found your way here and decided to use this generator, we would love to have you let us know the reason. The best way for us to make improvements to this tool is to understand how the people coming here are using it. When we create the tool, we have some ideas on how we think it's going to be used, but we're often surprised to find it gets used in a number of ways we would have never guessed or anticipated. When users take the time to explain how they are using the tool, that gives us a better opportunity to make changes so it ultimately is more useful for them and everyone who comes to this page. We're also always happy to get suggestions from anyone on ways to make the tool better from their perspective. Please take a moment to let us know.

Random list of languages

  1. Afar
  2. Abkhaz
  3. Avestan
  4. Afrikaans
  5. Akan
  6. Amharic
  7. Aragonese
  8. Arabic
  9. Assamese
  10. Avaric
  11. Aymara
  12. Azerbaijani
  13. South Azerbaijani
  14. Bashkir
  15. Belarusian
  16. Bulgarian
  17. Bihari
  18. Bislama
  19. Bambara
  20. Bengali; Bangla
  21. Tibetan Standard, Tibetan, Central
  22. Breton
  23. Bosnian
  24. Catalan; Valencian
  25. Chechen
  26. Chamorro
  27. Corsican
  28. Cree
  29. Czech
  30. Old Church Slavonic, Church Slavonic, Old Bulgarian