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There's a good chance that you're into dinosaurs or have some type of project dealing with dinosaurs if you've found this page. We created the Random Dinosaur Generator to let people learn about and explore the different types of dinosaurs that used to exist. Using this tool isn't difficult at all. You must choose the number of random results you'd like to see, then click. A random assortment of dinosaurs will then immediately appear.

While there are a number of reasons one might be interested in generating random dinosaurs, these reasons aren't always obvious to most. No matter what reason you made your way to this webpage, you may be curious as to how others have been using this online dinosaur tool. Below you can find a few of the more common reasons people have found this tool to be useful.

Test Your Knowledge

Do you and your friends think you know a lot about dinosaurs? This tool will give you a good indication of how much you really know. With hundreds of dinosaurs in the database, you can test your knowledge of how many different dinosaurs you actually know, and gain knowledge of new ones that you may not have before heard about. You and your friends can enjoy going through the results and even test each other if you'd like. Since all the results are random, you're never quite sure what you'll see with each click of the mouse.

Explore & Discover

If you or a child has a huge interest in dinosaurs, this free online dinosaur tool can be a fun way to explore and discover all the types of dinosaurs that existed. While it can be fun to look through books or websites to learn about dinosaurs, there's an added element of surprise with this free tool. Since every result is random, you're never sure which dinosaur is going to appear next. Have fun exploring through the hundreds of unique dinosaurs waiting to be discovered!

Assign Students

As a teacher who is teaching dinosaurs to their class, using this tool can be a convenient way to randomly assign dinosaurs to each of the students. Instead of trying to figure out which student should get which dinosaur, randomly assigning often makes a lot of sense. All you need to do is look at your student list and then click the button to generate a single random dinosaur and you have an assignment for that student. This ensures that the students don't think you're playing favorites when giving out the dinosaur assignments.

We appreciate that you made your way to our free online tool. If you have a few free moments, we have a huge favor to ask. How exactly do you use this tool? The better we understand how the random dinosaur generator is being used by those who visit, the easier it is for us to make improvements to it that help everyone. This is especially true when the tool gets used in ways we never anticipated. Please share any suggestions or ideas you have that would make this generator more useful to you.

  1. aachenosaurus
  2. aardonyx
  3. abelisaurus
  4. abrictosaurus
  5. abrosaurus
  6. abydosaurus
  7. acantholipan
  8. acanthopholis
  9. achelousaurus
  10. acheroraptor
  11. achillesaurus
  12. achillobator
  13. acristavus
  14. acrocanthosaurus
  15. acrotholus
  16. actiosaurus
  17. adamantisaurus
  18. adasaurus
  19. adelolophus
  20. adeopapposaurus
  21. adratiklit
  22. adynomosaurus
  23. aegyptosaurus
  24. aeolosaurus
  25. aepisaurus
  26. aepyornithomimus
  27. aerosteon
  28. afromimus
  29. aetonyx
  30. afrovenator